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Guitar lessons


Lisa Spraragen  beginner - intermediate

Josué Pérez intermediate-advanced


Packages available:


   8 lessons to be used within a 3 month period...............$430.


   3 lessons including guitar rental for 4 weeks.................$225.



Also available (call or e-mail for rates)

  • Semi-private 2 students

  • Group lesson 3 - 4 students

  • Workshops



Lisa Spraragen and Josué Pérez offer guitar lessons geared towards each student’s particular goals.


  • Beginners are introduced to fundamentals of playing the guitar: scales, arpeggios, chords, and basic musicianship. Emphasis on good posture, feeling comfortable with the instrument, and having fun with playable songs.


  • Advanced Beginner students further their studies with ear training, rhythmic exercises, and reading music. Excercises are given to gain strength and independence of the fingers. Pieces selected for study according to the student's interests.


  • Intermediate classical and flamenco students advance their technique, gain knowledge of the fingerboard, and build repertoire with an emphasis on music theory and chord progressions.


  • Advanced students focus on classical or flamenco performance practices and the incorporation of jazz concepts.


Lessons are held at a mid-Manhattan studio or in the comfort of your own home. Private, Semi-private (2-3 students) or Group (4-6 students) sessions available. Packages offered which include guitar rental if needed.


Lisa teaches beginner to intermediate levels (all ages)

Josué teaches intermediate to advanced level students (age 21+)

To inquire about packages, or to book your first lesson, please contact us here.



Baby's First String™

Schedule a special private mini concert/first guitar lesson with Lisa y Josué for your baby. Bring the joy of live music into your home. Little by little, the infant gets closer to the guitar and usually reaches out to touch a string or try to play. Our Spanish-speaking clients call this "el bautismo musicál" (the musical baptism).


Recommended for ages 1 mo - 2 yrs. Offered in 20-30 minute sessions (late mornings preferred).



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